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Image/Transcript - Story entitled 'Great fight'

CW111/74 folio 16v, line 15 to folio 17r, line 4

f. 16v among her cattle 1 morg (morning) an
animal grey long hair longer
than a cow's ab (about) size of a
foal or 1 yr (year) colt. Round hoof
like a horse with a spin down
into ground behind hoof. A gentle
man of Campbell living at
Airdshleave a scholar saw
it & also told John Morrison. Never saw
such an animal. What could
it be Any time seen seen abt (about)
this lake & the largest in Harris
except Lochlangabhat – Spin
going down 1 inch in ground

Great Fight
during the herg (herring) fish (fishing) of Char (Charles) II – boats
arrived with drink fr (from) Uist Pabby
sold in exchange for herg (herring). Those
fr (from) east called aft (after) Leith & all fr (from) W (West)
Campbelton (Campbeltown)fot (fought) & many kild (killed)
on both sides & buried in Neartey
ey Sarstey Cheesbay (Cheesebay) – from
all parts of Britain The south
Campbelton (Campbeltown) peop (people) won – Huarsay
Ortersay. Heamartry Ta'ey – the
isle in which the peop (people) were buried. f. 17r Some were buried under cover
by night – No herg (herring) aft (after) this Also
fr (from) Ireland – end of cent (century); fishg (fishing) be
gan From Jon (John) Morrison Lingriva

Bearnarey – A poor man Norman
MacPhairc (Park)
got at low
water at. Riff a razor-fish with a
pearl inside.

"Eilean an Du-chonnaidh"
formerly an island now the strand
with two pyramidal remnants
of moss standing over the clam
shingle near Creagorry – between
the point of Aird an Eoin and
HacleitDu-chonnaidh is
fresh or green brush wood – Men
living who this isle large.


Found at Milton 17th March 1874at
in a gravel pit at roadside within
a gunshot of Flora Macdonald's gravehouse
fout (fought) like a buck & squealed like
a pig ruff about neck stood
out as a lady said like an Eliza (Elizabethan)
collar. Servt (Servant) said the bird was

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